Internet Business, Online Marketing – What Business Are You Really In?

It took me a few days to think about until my rich successful internet marketing friend gave me his answer. It’s a good answer and after reading this and you’ll understand what business you are really in.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is that you are in the internet business or the online business. And that is how the average person answers, nothing wrong with that. But how do you produce income from working in your industry?

You probably need customers coming in to your store, responding to your letter, or visiting your website and purchase something. And how do customers hear about your business and keep sending you their money? You’ve probably already figured it out the answer, it’s something called marketing.

Of course salesmanship iss important to the process, but it is mainly marketing that is going to be the key to your riches. It helps that your customers like you, but what happens when your pool of customers dry up? Your salesmanship won’t do SQUAT if you don’t have a customer base to sell to!

I have a friend who works in a very reputable and established insurance company for about 5 years and he is a GREAT salesman. He’s good looking and he knows all the sales strategies like establishing rapport and having people like him, closing the sale, etc.

So one day I saw him with a client and I commented, “Wow, you sold that guy just like that, it must be natural and easy for you to make a fortune in selling!”

However, he responded, “No, not really, let me tell you something. In selling, it depends on how ‘good’ the month is. If you’re ‘lucky’, some months you can have steak with lobster but some months you starve!”

After a brief conversation, he looked at his computer screen and told me that he’ll talk to me later because he needs to grab a walk-in customer before the other customer-starved sales agents steal the customer from him.

I walked out the door and saw him drooling all over the walk-in customer. Obviously, that confirmed his belief that everything depended on getting lucky. That experience revealed three valuable observations:

1. It doesn’t matter how good a salesman (or woman) you are because…

2. Selling is almost useless without a flow of customers, so you need to…

3. Set up a marketing system so that you have a flow of customers so that you can eat steak with lobster every month!

If the main reason you are in business is to make money and the way to make real money for your business is to market your service, product, or business, wouldn’t it make sense for you to concentrate on marketing and promoting your business?

Think about it. To get any prospects at all you have to find them by going through a phone list, depend for walk in business (like my friend), or network your way to find a prospect. Even if you are just a salesperson, these are the results of marketing!

This is the same for any industry. Bakeries need people to know they exist so that customers can buy their cakes. Insurance agencies need people to know where they are located so that they can sell insurance. And you and I as internet marketers need more people to buy our products!

So what business are you really in? Your answer should be, “I’m in the business of marketing my business, product, or service.” Now that you know what business you are really in, concentrate most of your efforts in marketing your business!

Improving Businesses: Online Marketing Services

To gain visibility online, internet marketing services are needed. It is a foreign concept to some and before they do it they find it necessary to have the tools for it. Marketing of internet services is essential to a website’s success and secure its place online.

There is a continuous growth, success and wealth for businesses that are into internet marketing services. Since the web is an expanse of minute by minute information, limited jurisdiction prospers on internet marketing. The type of visibility that the internet provides for any online marketing website is beyond ordinary. A company can become so popular which is followed by growth with unstoppable force.

Internet marketing presents a lot of things. Businesses’ products become visible to consumers who regularly access the web. Innovative online marketing takes the business ten steps ahead of its competition by having the best possible features. These features create a more flexible environment for companies to deal with consumers and at the same time be more accessible to them.

Social media is one place where internet marketing thrives. The social media is where users or consumers get together to interact, whether through photos messages, testimonials, or even through references. Online marketing succeeds here because it is a place where people connect with each other, where opinions of other matters and at the same time be discussed.

Creating a one of a kind environment, online marketing not only brings people together but also engages consumers to work with the company. Through this, consumers become part of something bigger, harnessing the power of their creative minds.

Online marketing has presented vast opportunities for businesses to grow. This service offers continuous development, and long term reliability for success. ‘

Home Business Internet Marketing Opportunity – Advantages of Home Business Online Marketing

With so much negative things going on in the world of financing, it is really hard to pick out the best way to invest hard-earned money. The risk of suffering bankruptcy after investing from one business is just so overwhelming that many people vault their money instead. This is where Home Business Internet Marketing Opportunity comes in and this is where hard-earned money gets doubled. The best thing about the internet is it treats all internet users uniformly even when it comes to opportunity, and this opportunity can be an essential asset in generating extra income. Home based internet marketing allows normal people to make extra income regardless of their status or achievements in life. Another positive feature of home based online marketing is it actually outweighs its cons. Compared to other types of business that requires personal presence or representatives, home business internet marketing requires only an ample amount of time when it comes to managing and no manpower needs to be hired should the business grow successfully.

Home Business Internet Marketing Opportunity includes the following advantages.

• Cost Effectiveness – This type of online business requires only minimal funding, because of this most of the money can be diverted to the things that matters most, and that is product development. The money can also be used to hire skilled professionals to improve SEO standings. SEO is an impressive tool that allows and improves traffic towards a site, this way the products or services offered can be easily introduced allowing a possible increase in sales.

• Better Time Management – Because home business internet marketing is done at home, it allows a better management of time. And since online businesses like this only requires little amount of time to manage, more time are spared that can be spent together with the family. Other free remaining time can also be used in a more productive way.

• No Deadlines and Quotas – The cost effectiveness of online home based marketing provides less stress on quotas. Because the amount of budget needed for it to operate is relatively small, there is really not much pressure in here. There are also no specific deadlines required. Working with no boss to follow can really provide a nice calm working environment for anybody.

• Provides an Extra Income – The best thing about home base internet marketing is since it only requires a low budget to operate and less time to operate, people can actually find some other jobs while keeping their home based online business open. They can apply for a full time job and still earn through their home based business.

• Less Stressful – Believe it or not, most jobs today require full attention which sometimes results to a lot of stress, and it is not healthy. The environment provided by home based online business is nearly stressed free.

A Home Business Internet Marketing Opportunity provides a free medium for anybody and everybody. Investing money and generating profit has never been this easy, this convenient and this safe. So try it now.

5 Small Business Online Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Start Dominating Your Niche Today

So you just started your own small business and you are ready to venture your marketing efforts online, and truthfully, I don’t blame you. Some of the marketing strategies I am going to share with you here is going to help you get going as soon as possible in whatever niche you wanting to expand. The internet is so versatile, you should not have a problem getting your brand and face out in the market place.

1. Blog– The best and easiest strategy you can start today in getting the word out about your business is to start a simple blog. A blog is simply a web space you can use to write content, post videos, audios, etc. You can pick up a free blog at or

2. Autoresponder– The most important skill you have to master as you take your efforts online is list building. The art of gathering, collecting, and capturing is going to be the new norm for your online career. Using autoresponder will make it easier for you to communicate automatically to prospects who have lifted their hands in getting more expertise information from you.

3. Video Marketing– This is absolutely the best strategy you have to use to brand your small business online. More searches are being accredited by the search engines than any other piece of content out on the internet. Another perk of video marketing is the ability to dominate the search engines early by paying close attention to and posting your video to the top sharing sites available for free.

4. Facebook– This is the place to be if you are wanting to get your name out quickly while building relationships. Facebook is like a HUGE football zone where the tickets are free. There has been a shift in the way internet marketing is been executed, and now it’s all about social media. Do your best to combine video marketing with Facebook and you will have a definite one-two punch in your arsenal.

5. Authentic Behaviors– If you want your small business to exponentially grow in the years to come, your authentic behavior will play a huge role in the years to come. People like other people who are “real” and down-to-earth. Using this strategy alone will get other prospects to swarm around you like honey bees.