How To Make The Most Of Your Small Business Online Marketing Activities

Internet stands out for its speed and effectiveness. As online marketers we have to synchronize with this speed and deliver effective marketing content in the least amount of time and gain maximum mileage. Of course, we should run on a long-term-plan track, but sometimes quickness is needed to achieve business growth spurts. Let’s take a look at how this can be done effectively.

Having a detailed plan

Having a detailed online marketing plan with clear objectives and goals is a great way to start. This keeps things tight and also avoids deviations which marketers may easily fall for in the course of execution, consuming more time. Working within a detailed framework helps to keep it directed towards the goals and also helps in decision making when encountered with multiple marketing options or deviations. So make a written marketing document and then start the action, this is surely a great way to save time and get more results.

“40% of small businesses surveyed by Marchex cite not having enough time as their largest marketing challenge.”

Engage savvy resources

Online marketing is a professional’s job and attempting to do it on your own is a mere waste of time with low effectiveness. So the key is to keep it simple by engaging online savvy marketers or by outsourcing the job to experienced professionals. Their experience will not only help you in getting things done faster, but also give you the ability to try and test the latest techniques of online marketing with ease.

Focus on exclusive areas and goals

This is as simple as it sounds. First define your immediate and long term objectives and then focus on those exclusive goals or targets, this makes the whole process easy and less time consuming. For example if your objective is to generate leads, then all your efforts, tools and channels used should lead to that objective and shouldn’t deviate from it. What small businesses need to do is: concentrate on lead generation, manage their online presence and invest in relationship marketing to start with.

“According to small businesses surveyed by Marchex, the top three things they care about are getting leads (27%), keeping existing customers (29%), and communicating with existing customers (23%).”

Choose and use effective channels

Internet is a colossal mix of tools, channels, information and lots of other stuff. And being smart in choosing the right information and channel which can carry your marketing message to the intended prospects is the key. For example, use YouTube for visual ads and SEO, use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, place your online ads only on websites which has most of your prospects clicking, anticipate whether a blog can do better than a site and so on.

“Search engine marketing, social media marketing and email marketing topped the list of most effective channels for marketing in a survey conducted in US.”

-Source MerchantCircle, Merchant Confidence Index Q1 2011

Continuous application

The response time and feedback mechanism on internet is really quick and faster than any other media. So this mandates the need for continuous application of your marketing process to make it more lively and responsive. This has two benefits; you can get faster results in less time and also create an impression of a very lively brand.

Frequent reports and assessment

This goes with the earlier point, you need to always keep an eye on the responses on your activities, its effectiveness and conversions. This calls for frequent report generation and assessment of your results and plans. Go for the change if needed at random pace, however keeping it to the point of bringing more effectiveness. This constant vigil can make a huge difference in the whole scheme of things.

Use the latest tools and technology to make work faster

The pace at which the online scenario changes is amazing and rapid, every day new ideas and options creep up and as an online marketer it’s your job to keep your eyes open to all that is coming up, which can prove more effective for you. There are many marketing automation services, social media tools, buzz monitoring tools, web analytics tools, RSS feed readers, and so on. Pick the right set of tools, and devote a fixed amount of time daily on these tools to keep track of all that is happening.

All these can surely get you the results in the least amount of time, however it all boils down to your marketing approach and application of these effective techniques.

5 Small Business Online Marketing Strategies You Can Use to Start Dominating Your Niche Today

So you just started your own small business and you are ready to venture your marketing efforts online, and truthfully, I don’t blame you. Some of the marketing strategies I am going to share with you here is going to help you get going as soon as possible in whatever niche you wanting to expand. The internet is so versatile, you should not have a problem getting your brand and face out in the market place.

1. Blog– The best and easiest strategy you can start today in getting the word out about your business is to start a simple blog. A blog is simply a web space you can use to write content, post videos, audios, etc. You can pick up a free blog at or

2. Autoresponder– The most important skill you have to master as you take your efforts online is list building. The art of gathering, collecting, and capturing is going to be the new norm for your online career. Using autoresponder will make it easier for you to communicate automatically to prospects who have lifted their hands in getting more expertise information from you.

3. Video Marketing– This is absolutely the best strategy you have to use to brand your small business online. More searches are being accredited by the search engines than any other piece of content out on the internet. Another perk of video marketing is the ability to dominate the search engines early by paying close attention to and posting your video to the top sharing sites available for free.

4. Facebook– This is the place to be if you are wanting to get your name out quickly while building relationships. Facebook is like a HUGE football zone where the tickets are free. There has been a shift in the way internet marketing is been executed, and now it’s all about social media. Do your best to combine video marketing with Facebook and you will have a definite one-two punch in your arsenal.

5. Authentic Behaviors– If you want your small business to exponentially grow in the years to come, your authentic behavior will play a huge role in the years to come. People like other people who are “real” and down-to-earth. Using this strategy alone will get other prospects to swarm around you like honey bees.

Small Business Online Marketing – Build a Business Web Presence

When you decide to market your business online, your business website becomes the target destination of your online marketing efforts. It is where you want your customers and prospects to arrive, have a rewarding experience, take action and keep coming back to.

Here are Five Easy Steps to Build a Business Web Presence:

Engage Your Visitors And Create A Community

In order to have a positive impact on your visitors and influence them in such a way that they stick around and follow your call to action, you need to make your website stand out from your competitors. Engage your visitors and encourage them to get active. Provide different ways for their voice to be heard. When they speak, listen! Solve their problems, provide solutions, entertain and inform. Other suggestions to create a community:

  • Include a forum on your website.
  • Post surveys or polls to discover more about your visitors’ wants and needs.
  • Encourage comments and feedback.
  • Host contests and sweepstakes.
  • Take into account other learning styles and deliver your content in various formats such as video and audio. By publishing your content in video and audio format you give your audience choices and add a more personal touch to your content.

Provide Value

People go online for two primary reasons, entertainment and information. Pretty much every online activity will fall into one of these two categories. If your website can provide both the information and entertainment people seek, the value provided will be rewarded with a return visit, a purchase or follow through on your call to action. Here are a few ideas on how to provide value for your customers and prospects:

  • How to articles, videos, and audio
  • Tips articles, videos, and audio
  • Case studies
  • Workbooks and reports
  • Interviews with experts
  • Product reviews

Design An Easy To Navigate Website

The average person will take less than 20 seconds to decide if your website is worth sticking around for or leaving for one of your competitors’ sites. First impressions make a difference and time is of the essence. When designing an easy to navigate site consider the following:

  • Simple is always good
  • Keep your look and options consistent throughout the site.
  • Organize your content, make use of categories and if need be, drop down menus.
  • Offer a search function where users can quickly and easily locate what they’re looking for.
  • Make it clear to your visitors where they are on your site and provide easy access to quickly return to previous pages and/or the home page.
  • Test the appearance of your website on different browsers to make sure every visitor has a good experience.

Design A Warm And Inviting Website That Is Easy On The Eyes

Have you ever visited a website that was hard to read, confusing, and distracting? Readability is critical to keeping a visitor on your website.

  • Use colors that are easy on the eyes.
  • Use graphics that aren’t distracting.
  • Keep formatting like underlining, bold and italics to a minimum.
  • Make sure the spacing between sentences and paragraphs are adequate.
  • Use a font size that is large enough for people to read and a font style that is easy to read.
  • Make sure your website loads in the shortest amount of time possible.

Inform, Educate And Provide A Solution

While people may expect you to be selling something, nobody likes to be sold to. Instead of hitting website visitors with a hard sell, inform, educate, solve their problems and show them the benefits of your products or services. Provide them with the knowledge to make an informed decision and they’ll be much more receptive and appreciative. Turn their visit into a “what have I been missing” experience. Overdeliver on everything you offer from the content to the customer service.

Home Business – Online Marketing for Internet Business from Home

The premise is simple enough, you develop a business idea and market your idea on the internet until people begin to purchase your idea in the form of an ebook or report. You sell product and someone else develops a business for profit. Based on solid principles a home business can be successful.

Fining a niche

The most effective ways of finding a niche online is to locate specific words that are highly searched on the search engines and catering to that particular market. Is there an opportunity for a business based on martial arts, quit smoking, real estate or car loans? Of course, there are businesses with those specific niche markets opened successfully every day.

Promoting a business

We’ve already mentioned that the key to finding a niche is keyword selection, locating words commonly searched on the internet. What better way to promote your business than to market with articles catering to those same keywords? Focus your home business on article marketing specific keywords and you’ve got a winner.

Product development

The vast open ended opportunity of the Internet is based solidly on the foundation of content. Build your business with solid content, article marketing and focus on designing ebooks that teach, train and deliver your messages and you’re going to stand out in the Search Engine crowd.

Internet marketing options

With the vast array of opportunities available on the Internet to market your business, you’ve got more choices than ever before in history. Lower your blood pressure by using basic keyword association to promote and market your home business on the internet.

Fielding list construction

While almost any method of building a business online will work, the most effective is the LIST builder. When you create a list of relevant buyers for your business, you’ve developed a winning home business, because they keep on coming back.

Are you ready to create your online business with keyword niche success?