Small Business Online Marketing – 3 Big Mistakes You Want to Avoid

As you all know, it is crucial for any small business owner to have a presence online in this day and age. There are, however, some mistakes that you could make when creating and developing your website that could hinder your marketing objectives.

Here are 3 big online marketing mistakes that you want to avoid:

1. Your website is not a “direct-response” website. Many business websites simply exist for “branding” purposes, which means that they do not have a “call-to-action” for visitors. When a visitor visits a website, he or she wants to do something. The visitor wants to watch a video, post a comment on a blog, enter his or contact information in return for some information, etc.

You need to decide what the main purpose of your website is. If it is to help you collect leads, you must provide a mechanism for your visitors to provide you with their information.

2. Your website does not have a lead capture form. You need to build your database of prospective customers in order to boost profits. Therefore, you need a way to collect the contact information of the people on your website. You can create a lead capture form by using an autoresponder, such as AWeber.

3. You do not provide an incentive for visitors to give you their contact information. Just because you have a lead capture form on your website does not mean that people will just willingly hand over their contact information. You need to provide some sort of incentive for them to give you their information. Some examples of incentives include free coupons, special discounts, gift certificates, newsletters, or free reports.