Small Business Online Marketing – Build a Business Web Presence

When you decide to market your business online, your business website becomes the target destination of your online marketing efforts. It is where you want your customers and prospects to arrive, have a rewarding experience, take action and keep coming back to.

Here are Five Easy Steps to Build a Business Web Presence:

Engage Your Visitors And Create A Community

In order to have a positive impact on your visitors and influence them in such a way that they stick around and follow your call to action, you need to make your website stand out from your competitors. Engage your visitors and encourage them to get active. Provide different ways for their voice to be heard. When they speak, listen! Solve their problems, provide solutions, entertain and inform. Other suggestions to create a community:

  • Include a forum on your website.
  • Post surveys or polls to discover more about your visitors’ wants and needs.
  • Encourage comments and feedback.
  • Host contests and sweepstakes.
  • Take into account other learning styles and deliver your content in various formats such as video and audio. By publishing your content in video and audio format you give your audience choices and add a more personal touch to your content.

Provide Value

People go online for two primary reasons, entertainment and information. Pretty much every online activity will fall into one of these two categories. If your website can provide both the information and entertainment people seek, the value provided will be rewarded with a return visit, a purchase or follow through on your call to action. Here are a few ideas on how to provide value for your customers and prospects:

  • How to articles, videos, and audio
  • Tips articles, videos, and audio
  • Case studies
  • Workbooks and reports
  • Interviews with experts
  • Product reviews

Design An Easy To Navigate Website

The average person will take less than 20 seconds to decide if your website is worth sticking around for or leaving for one of your competitors’ sites. First impressions make a difference and time is of the essence. When designing an easy to navigate site consider the following:

  • Simple is always good
  • Keep your look and options consistent throughout the site.
  • Organize your content, make use of categories and if need be, drop down menus.
  • Offer a search function where users can quickly and easily locate what they’re looking for.
  • Make it clear to your visitors where they are on your site and provide easy access to quickly return to previous pages and/or the home page.
  • Test the appearance of your website on different browsers to make sure every visitor has a good experience.

Design A Warm And Inviting Website That Is Easy On The Eyes

Have you ever visited a website that was hard to read, confusing, and distracting? Readability is critical to keeping a visitor on your website.

  • Use colors that are easy on the eyes.
  • Use graphics that aren’t distracting.
  • Keep formatting like underlining, bold and italics to a minimum.
  • Make sure the spacing between sentences and paragraphs are adequate.
  • Use a font size that is large enough for people to read and a font style that is easy to read.
  • Make sure your website loads in the shortest amount of time possible.

Inform, Educate And Provide A Solution

While people may expect you to be selling something, nobody likes to be sold to. Instead of hitting website visitors with a hard sell, inform, educate, solve their problems and show them the benefits of your products or services. Provide them with the knowledge to make an informed decision and they’ll be much more receptive and appreciative. Turn their visit into a “what have I been missing” experience. Overdeliver on everything you offer from the content to the customer service.